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Friday, October 15, 2010

Exciting Week

Hi all,
Well it has been an exciting week. I was on Wylde on Health last Friday with two of my favorite people in the world of natural health, Dr Joey Shulman & host Dr. Bryce Wylde. It was so much fun! If you missed click on the link at the bottom of this post to watch online.
I also hosted a fun seminar on one of my favorite topics, Digestion! For those of you who don't know....the reason why I am doing the amazing job of teaching people how to eat well and live their best lives is because I was having severe digestive problems and had to search for answers to heal myself. I was chronically constipated, had extreme low energy, was breaking out in rashes all over my body....let me tell ya, it wasn't pretty.
Anyways, I played with my diet to find the best diet for me to improve my digestive health and since then haven't turned back. Digestion is something we all take for granted until it is not working for us.
Digestive health is critical for all aspects of health. I am a huge believer in the concept that we are only as healthy as your pipes. We are designed to ingest foods, break it down into its smallest parts, absorb the nutrients, proteins, fats and sugars from the food to be used by the body and then excrete the waste. It seems so simple but many things can go wrong along the way. Constipation, gas, diarrhoea, bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, thin or hard stools and smelly stools are all common symptoms that tell us that we might need work on our digestion.

Here are some of top tips to enhance digestion!!

• Drink lemon and warm water in the morning on an empty stomach to aid in a mild digestive and liver cleanse.

• Bulk up with Fibre! 1 tbsp of ground flaxseeds per day and/or try using a cereal that contains psyllium fibre – I like Natures Path Smart Bran (1/4 – ½ cup per day)

• Water! Water! Water! – A dehydrated colon is a constipated colon! Aim to get at least 8 cups of water per day or 2 litres! Insufficient water intake is the most common cause of constipation.

• Chew your food – Digestion of carbohydrates starts in your mouth with enzymes in your saliva. Most people do not chew thoroughly, which makes digestion of food much harder when it reaches your stomach. Chewing is the #1 tip for proper digestion.

• Magnesium – is the 2nd most abundant mineral in the body, next to calcium. It is needed for over 300 enzymatic functions in the body. One of those functions include keeping the bowels hydrated to allow for easy passing of stools. In the simplest terms; it makes your poop come out easier. Foods that are high in magnesium include; dark green vegetables and whole grains. If you are suffering from constipation, ask your health care provider if magnesium supplementation is right for you!

• Lubricate with healthy fats! Fish oil, nuts, seeds, cold water fish, avocado are all great sources of healthy fats. These fats help lubricate your stools to allow for easier passing!!

• Add some bacteria to your life – Probiotics are essential for good digestion and to relieve bloating. The following are great sources of probiotics;

o Plain yogurt

o Traditionally fermented sauerkraut – I like Eden Organic

o Fermented soy – Miso, tamari and tempeh

o Talk to your health care provider about supplementing with probiotics, especially if you have been on antibioitcs.  

• Move your body!! Exercise stimulates peristalsis which is the rhythmic contraction of your digestive system which stimulates bowel movements. Cardio, rebounding and yoga in particular are great to stimulate the digestive system.

• RELAX! Avoid eating on-the-go. Slow down for two minutes before and after you eat to allow your blood to “relocate” to your digestive system. If feeling anxious, write down all of your thoughts before you begin eating. (Digestive problems are associated with anxiety.) Try taking a few deep breaths before you eat.

• De-stress!! There is probably no system in the body that’s more responsive to mind-body influences than the digestive tract. Deep breathing, yoga, taking a hot bath, massage, etc. These are all effective ways to de-stress yourself. Aim to get at least 20-30 minutes of relaxation per day!

SHARE WITH ME!!! What have you done today to improve the health of your digestive system????



  1. fabulous tips ... as usual, Jamie

    (jeeps, no wonder you always look so calm ... you obviously practice what you preach)

    you have inspired me to try sauerkraut ... any recipes that you suggest?

  2. Awesome tips! I always take 1-2tbsp of flaxseeds everyday for digestive health!

  3. Thanks Ladies!!
    Kjirsten - Checked out your blog. Looks great. Am going to try your chocolate chip cookies :O)
    Flaxseeds are amazing for digestive health

    Angie - Here is a link on how to make sauerkraut

  4. Hi Jamie,
    I found your blog when you mentioned SunButter earlier this month, and I've kept following because of your well-written posts that include excellent info. As a SunButter blogger, I appreciate the SunButter mention and links. As a fellow person passionate about the power of nutrition, I enjoy your perspective. Thanks for a great post!

  5. Wow. Thank you so much for your kind words Elizabeth.
    I think Sunbutter is a great product. Lets keep spreading the good word :O)

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