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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is snacking the culprit in childhood obesity??

Should we be concerned about our children snacking during the day? Well the answer lies in what they are snacking on. You see, that is one important point that this article in the National Post (http://www.nationalpost.com/life/health/story.html?id=fd01127b-4e8b-4d2f-9783-109c07dc36c7&p=1) is missing. Healthy snacks during the day can help to keep our children’s energy levels up, blood sugar stable and provide them with important nutrients. The problem is a result of what I see in most people’s grocery carts.....processed sugary treats such as cookies and cakes, chips, pop, etc. These foods will pack on the pounds. But if you stock your kitchen with healthful nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies and healthy dips such as hummus, and high fibre granola bars (I like Kashi granola bars, see link below), you will be providing your kids with snacks that will help them effortlessly maintain their weight. Also, try my homemade flourless brownie recipe for a sweet treat that is high in fibre and delicious (see previous post)!

Processed snack foods tend to trigger more cravings and more eating. Next trip to the grocery store try bypassing the “junk food isle” and go for the whole food snacks!

Be well, Jamie


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