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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting back on the “Health Wagon”!

If you are like many of my clients, (who are fantastic, by the way ;O) you may have fell off your healthy lifestyle plan over the summer months. Cottages, BBQ’s with friends and family and other parties or “get together’s” can sometimes wreck havoc on your best intentions to eat healthy and exercise. When we are celebrating with friends and family our portion sizes tend to increase, many of us drink more alcohol and desserts can be calling our name!

The past few weeks for me has come along with a general theme.......I have seen client after client who have come into my office and said to me “Jamie, I need you to help me get back on track!! I got carried away this summer”. So if you have fallen off, despite your best intentions, your healthy lifestyle plan; YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! And you can back on track right now! Not tomorrow, or after the weekend, RIGHT NOW!!

Here are my TOP 5 tips to get you back on track;
  • Get on those running shoes and get moving!! Get outside, go to the gym, get a new exercise DVD (I highly recommend P90X), get a rebounder (you can find them for $40 or so), go to an exercise class……the point is GET MOVING! Any type of movement counts. Aim to move your body 4-5 days per week.....at least!
  • Take a trip to the grocery store and stock up on healthy goods! When you have healthy food in your fridge and cupboard you will eat it!
  • Take 30! That is 30 minutes when you get home from the grocery store to cut and chop, boil some eggs (i always like to have boiled eggs on hand for a 1 ingredient healthy snack), make some hummus, etc. When our veggies are cut up and ready to go and we have healthy snacks on hand; we are more likely to eat them.
  • Dump the Junk! Get the unhealthy stuff out of your kitchen. If it is there you or someone you love WILL EAT IT! Spend 10 minutes doing a cupboard cleanse to help get you on your path to wellness.
  • Oil yourself! Healthy fats including olive oil, avocados, fish oil, nuts, seeds, coconut oil and flax/hemp oil are all examples of amazing oils that help your body burn baby burn. Healthy fats improve insulin sensitivity which will decrease cravings for those unwanted foods. Some other benefits of healthy fats include; improved memory and focus, decreased inflammation, sustained energy and amazing hair and skin!

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you get back on the health wagon if you have been off your regular routine? If so, PLEASE SHARE your tips! Spread the healthy tips!!

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Jamie your post could not have come at a better time as you described me perfectly (time to book another appointment?!!) I'm getting back to business by taking up my fave sport again (tennis). After seeing how out of shape I was, it inspired me to get back on the horse again. Also, an inter-office weight loss challenge is on again which also helps!
    Sandi B.