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Friday, September 3, 2010

Camping and Healthy Eat's

Happy last weekend of the summer everyone!!
For those of you who know me, you know that this is my week off. It is Thursday now, and so far (except for today) I have had great weather. I started my week off at a wedding last weekend. Here I am with my date!

My significant other (Todd) was a part of the wedding party so I got the pleasure of sitting with our nephew. Let me tell ya, we had a blast! :O)
Then I went on to my cottage for two nights. My cottage is on a beautiful lake in Haliburton. Here is the lovely sunset I watched with Todd the first night here.
Some might think I would just stay up here, right?? Well, we decided to shake things up during the middle of this fine week and go camping for a couple of nights.
I had mentioned to many of my lovely clients and some friends that I would be going camping for a few nights during my holidays. And well, if I had a nickle for everyone who ask me what the heck I would be eating while camping....... Well, I would have a few dollars anyways, lol. So, I thought I would write a post on it.
I know it is the end of the summer and this might not help you this year, unless you are brave (unlike me) and go fall or even scarier winter camping. I am just a summer camping person and I only like it for a day or two.
This camping trip took us to the beautiful Silent Lake about an hour and a bit away from my cottage. Here is the link; http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/sile.html
My two requirements for the camping trip were that it had to be secluded (no camp sight in the middle of a field) and no motor boats on the lake. We brought our kayaks and I really like the peacefulness of kayaking on a lake when there are no boats around.
So here it is, our home for two nights!
Here is the reason I am writing this post. To prove that camping doesn't mean you have to give up on your healthy eating plan. Here are a few things we dined on!

We grilled up some amazing veggies right over the camp fire. Todd had a steak and I brought an amazing bean salad that I had made back at the cottage.
The morning came and we sipped on some green tea. I made Todd some freshly squeezed OJ (Yes, I spoil him - he said it was the best OJ he ever had).

We also had some fresh fruit that I had cut up before hand and some eggs. (sorry, forgot to take a picture of the eggs)

We went for an amazing hike through the forest up to a lookout point that was overlooking the water.

Then back for lunch. Made a quick and easy chicken stirfry with olive oil and tamari (that's it because that was all I brought) and a arugula and leaf lettuce salad.
For snacking, I had pre-made some hummus and brought some carrots. Todd is not a big fan of hummus so I also made Power Bars from Elana'a Pantry! So yummy!! I highly recommend them!
In the afternoon, we went for a nice kayak ride across the lake! So peaceful!!
Then for dinner #2 we had found a cedar plank salmon at the local store in Haliburton. It had sea salt and pepper and that's it! We also grilled up some great veggies with it.
Here is my plate of food that I thoroughly enjoyed!
Here we are enjoying the great outdoors.

And here are some of the great sights we saw at Silent Lake!

Share with me!! I love to hear your comments and feedback!
What are your favorite camping eats???


  1. That's awesome Jamie - thanks for sharing your trip with us!!! Kyla