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I support people on their journey to wellness through nutrition and lifestyle coaching! I am passionate about teaching people how lifestyle choices can be fun, inspiring and positively affect all aspects of their lives. I love guiding people to wellness one meal at a time!! I am also a passionate mama, a yogi and I love to cook!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I need your help!!
I love providing you with healthy recipes that taste great! It is one of my favorite parts of my job. It is my mission in life to teach people to eat for wellness but not to forget about the enjoyment of food. Food can be healthy and taste good at the same time! What a concept....

Here's what I need from you;
I would love you to post in the comments below types of recipes that you are interested in me posting. Do you have a fave food that you would like help revamping into a healthy delight?? Or is there a health food that you always wanted to try, you are just not quite sure how to prepare it? Leave a comment below and I will do my best to work on recipes for you! Let me help you add some health and good taste to your next meal. Because healthy eating can taste great too!!!


  1. love all your recipes, Jamie,
    but I especially appreciate recipes geared towards vegetarians (i.e.: we have discussed veggie and/or bean burgers),
    how about nut-cheeses ... maybe you can find a delicious (and not complicated) recipe for nut-cheeses (and EZ but yummy almond-milk)

  2. Jamie

    I recently tried an expensive 3 lentil/cranberry salad that I loved. I have never liked lentils before trying this salad and now that I know they are good for me I would like to make it myself rather than continue to buy it ready made.

    Do you know of a similar recipe? I believe it was slightly sweet and also had parsley, almonds & red wine vinegar.

  3. Hey Jamie,
    I would be interested in finger foods that are quick to put together and easy to pack for a picnic or to put out for kids. I am also interested in bite size recipes that pack alot of nutrition into a small package , because my kids dont eat much. Id like to know that even if they only eat small amount , its healthy bite for bite. :)

  4. Thank you all for your feedback.
    I am going to get cooking and I will be posting recipes from your ideas as soon as I come up with them!
    Angie, Working on the veggie burger. Made a good one tonight. Just have to get the recipe down!!

  5. Hey Jamie!
    How about something with fennel/anise. My mom always used to bake it with parmesan cheese and butter and now I make it raw, mixed with sliced apples and dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Simple and delish!! And also, how about healthy recipes for kids?!
    Looking forward to more yummy posts!

    Sandi B.