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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cauliflower Whip

Are you trying to lose those extra pounds but really miss your mashed potatoes?? Here is a trick to get the creamy texture of mashed potatoes without all of the calories. This cauliflower whip is rich in B vitamins, vitamin C and fibre, while being low in calories. One cup of mashed potatoes usually contains 200 calories or more while this low calorie alternative has 100 calories per cup! Enjoy!

o 2 cups filtered water
o 1 small head of cauliflower

o ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

o 1 tsp sea salt
o 1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Curry option:
o 2 cloves garlic, mincedo ½ tsp cumin

o ½ tsp ground coriander

o ¼ tsp turmeric
o ¼ tsp cumin seeds

1. Cut the cauliflower into florists. Place them in a large pot with water. Cover and heat on high
2. Steam for 6-8 minutes or until soft when pierced with a knife. Uncover and remove with heat
3. Transfer the cooked cauliflower, spices, garlic, salt, lemon juice and olive oil to a food processor or blender and puree until very smooth. Transfer to a medium bowl using a rubber spatula. Can be served hot or cold.
Makes 2 cups

Note: Feel free to play with the flavours. The curry option is just one option! Season with your favourite seasonings and spices!!

Source: Meals that Heal Inflammation
By: Julie Daniluk

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